Tuesday, March 8, 2016

The Railway Trestle

"Railway Trestle"
Oil on Cradled Birch Panel
Nanci Charpentier © 2016

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I decided to drive over the old bridge something I don't ever recall doing before now. I wanted to see what the perspective was like driving up to the northern Mississippi Bridge which is our original Mississippi Bridge. I was surprised to find this amazing railway trestle which clearly has been around longer than me. I believe it was built and opened in 1940. Yeah, longer than I've been around for sure. It was in the morning with the sun was up in the sky casting these strong shadows down from the trestle. I drove over it several times before I decided what I wanted to capture. It's an amazing structure. I've heard from an unnamed source and friend, that crossing the bridge when the sun is coming up with a low level fog in the morning, heading eastbound, is amazing, too. I've seen the pictures and he's right.

A little historical information from Wikipedia with an explanation for its beautiful orange color: 

The bridge has been repainted several times since its construction, including in the mid-1960s when the bridge was repainted orange. The bridge was originally painted blue, but dust from the Kaiser Aluminum plant on the southeast bank of the river kept coating the bridge with aluminum oxide (bauxite). Finally, the state gave up trying to keep the bridge blue, and went with the orange color of the dust. [3] [4] 

The bridge was once planned as part of an Interstate 410. The bridge is featured in a scene in the 1982 Richard Pryor film, The Toy.

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