Tuesday, February 16, 2016

"Small Town Ahead. Don't Believe a Word You Hear."

"Coteau Bayou Blue"
Oil on Cradled Panel
Nanci Charpentier © 2016

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Hah! I just saw that quote and thought how appropriate! Thanks to whomever came up with that.  I can assure you that in a small town or a small community the stories ARE better and MUCH more interesting. Coteau Bayou Blue isn't so much as a small town as a small rural area outside of a small town.  So imagine the things you will hear if you stop (at that one stoplight in town) for just a little while to listen. "Coteau" means "hill" in the traditional French translation. But, for the Cajun French (that's me), it means "ridge" or "high ground". The Cajun French version makes so much more sense considering I haven't seen any hills down in the southern parishes of our great state of Louisiana. But when you're living at or below sea level, a "coteau" is the best place to stake your claim.

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