Tuesday, February 2, 2016

I Know The World is Flat

Growing up and living in south Louisiana, I know that the world is flat. There's no question about it. Any hill is probably a levee or a man-made mound to go around an obstacle of some sort. Otherwise, there are no inclines, no declines in the landscape. So, therefore, the world is flat. And this is home for me. There's a serene beauty in that flatness because it enables us to see for miles and miles across the rural landcape unimpeded in our view. Our local marathon races proudly proclaim a "flat and fast course good for qualifying for Boston". As a runner I'm a fan of that. I may leave home from time to time and discover a change in the topography, but when the vacation is over or the trip complete, the world becomes flat once more and I know that I am home.

Hwy. 90, #2
Oil on Cradled Panel
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