Thursday, November 26, 2015

Holiday Gift Ideas

Yes, the holidays are now upon us and we're making lists of things to do and things to give and, of course secretly, things we want to receive. To maybe make some of this easier for you, I'm offering prints of some of my original art works. The originals have already made their way into their new homes.

Of course you know I am hoping that when you think of Black Friday, Small Business Saturday or any of the many days this next month, you think of each of us artists that puts a little something of ourselves into each piece that we create. Yes, we are hoping you will give the gift of art this Christmas. Find something that speaks to you or makes you think of the one you want to give to.

The prints I'm making available start at $36/each for a 10"x10" and go up from there. If you want one shipped, I can do that, too, for an added shipping cost (TBD).  Prints will be made upon request so expect a few days between your order and delivery.

Email me at or if you're on FB, message me through my page, Nanci Charpentier Art, or my personal page, Nanci Charpentier.

The following prints will be available (there are 12 in all). If you want a print of a painting that has sold and is not shown here, please contact me directly and I will let you know if I accommodate that request. 

Of course, if you want one of my original paintings you can always go by Rue Cou Cou Gallery located on Government Street in Baton Rouge where they have several of my most recent works.

Wishing you a very merry season.

Glass Gardenias  |   Purple Iris
Magnolia Sky   |   Lilies of the Morning

Across The River   |   Plume
The Far Shore   | Tree By The Levee

Red Flowers   |   Sunrise at Seagrove
Wally   |   Magnolia 4

Thursday, November 12, 2015

My Pollyanna Moment with Color

How many of you've heard of ROY-G-BIV or ROYGBIV? How many of you have seen Pollyanna, the Disney movie with Haley Mills (from way back when)? Anyone remember when she takes the prisms from a lamp and hangs them in the window for the lady who couldn't leave her bed? They cast the colors of the rainbow for her to see and brighten up her days. They were red, orange, yellow, green, blue, indigo, and violet. 

Mixing my 12 color charts over an 8-day period was like that for me. I was able to see what was there in front of me all along but without the proper understanding on how to make one thing into another. I couldn't see it until now. My color world has expanded.

My birthday present (which I asked for and ordered myself) was Richard Schmid's Alla Prima II and the companion book by Katie Swatland. I used the Alla Prima II colors charts Richard provided as my guide through the process.  Also note that this was on my To Do List at the beginning of the year. Check another item off the list!

My charts are slightly different than Richard's where I had a different brand or slightly different color (yellow ochre pale vs. yellow ochre light). I imagine they may be the same but I doubt it. I know that from the subtle differences I found when making comparisons to his charts. But the great thing is that my charts weren't required by him or by me to be identical to his. They are my charts and my guides and it's what I'll work from. I like to think of them now as my color cheat sheets. 36 hours of time making these cheat sheets. 

I've bought color charts and books on color over the years and they've been guides for me. But for me to sit and make these charts was they best thing I've done so far for color. It was my ah-ha Pollyanna moment.

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