Tuesday, October 6, 2015

Field Trip. Woo Hoo!

Last week - wait, I think it's been two weeks now. Wow. Anyway, I went to Brentwood, Tennessee. And to Franklin, Tenn and Leiper's Fork / Leiper's Creek. All of these places in a geographical triangle just south of Nashville. It was gorgeous! And relaxing. I'm not implying that without my kids, husband, and dogs I was able to relax. I'm actually going to state that right out loud. It was. And I don't feel bad about it at all!

PHOTOS: I've got so many more photos on my website so you can click on my website link www.nancicharpentier.com to see the rest.

Here we are getting ready for the drive north. We went up there for Anne Blair Brown's plein air workshop with about 6 other artists (they were from the Tenn area except one from Maryland). We spent three days watching her demo her paintings skills for us and talking us through the ins and outs of plein air painting. You've got to see her work. Take the time to go to her site and see it at www.anneblairbrown.com. She's one of the tops in the country. I also must mention that her mother, Rachel, was so welcoming and helpful. As a former caterer she fed us two out of the three days and it was so healthy and yummy and delicious and oh - I forgot - I need to get some of her recipes! Oh yeah, it was that good.

Each day was a new adventure with a new painting exercise for us. The first day was all about values and breaking compositions up into four values and four major shapes and them working from there. We went to a rural piece of property owned by a former latin teacher and her husband who love to paint. What a great property. There was even a small barn building on the property that was actually built by German soldiers during WWII while being held here in the United States. Some of them actually ended up staying in the area because they loved this part of the country. One of them married a local girl. (History footnote.)


Day 2 was in Franklin right in the middle of town on Main Street. Such a great little town. All these houses on Main Street have historical value. It's fun to see how many people strain to see what you're working on. Sure was good practice to work in the middle of lots of activity. Well worth the trip. Eating in town was great, too. One of the artists actually lives in Franklin and raised her kids here. Small town America. Hard to beat that.

Day 3 found us in the middle of cattle ranches and horse farms. Headed out to the LLL Ranch. Try looking for the "Triple L" Ranch when it's actually the "LLL Ranch". I missed the sign twice for the turn off. I'm an idiot. Sometimes. The day started out overcast with a little chill in the air. So, we started out thinking it was going to be challenging. Instead the morning was really lovely with the cool air and Anne doing her demo. There was a small creek gurgling next to us. 

Here's a link to an instagram account of one of the artists which has a short video so you can listen to what we listened to that day. Very soothing.  It's @courtneyleepaints https://instagram.com/p/8HpiVDw_Bm/?taken-by=courtneyleepaints

Here's a second link from later in the day when it started raining. So glad she took these videos. It's a reminder that if you're motivated enough you can paint in any conditions. (Bring the umbrella, of course.)

The afternoon was the challenging part of the day where I spent my time under the cover of the hatchback of my honda pilot painting.

At the end of the day and on our way back to "town" we discovered the Loveless Cafe. Eat the fried chicken. It's so worth the calories. So are the homemade biscuits and jam. It was the right way to end the workshop. It's probably the right way to end all workshops. 

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