Tuesday, June 9, 2015

Be As You Are, Kenny Chesney.

Kenny Chesney has an album from 2005 titled "Be As You Are (Songs from An Old Blue Chair)". I love it. The catch is, the first time I listened to it was once I got back from the place, I believe, inspired this album for him. That place is St. John in the United States Virgin Islands. My family and I spent 9 days down there last week and it was amazing. We rented a jeep, although you don't really need one, and explored the northern coastline visiting a difference beach and bay everyday as well as seeing a old sugar mill where cane was processed for sugar, molasses, and, of course, rum way back in the day. We swam and snorkled and skipped stones, chased fish and dared each other into dark cave spaces, sailed and powered boated around some of the BVIs, found an underwater ship wreck, and drank a Painkiller or two.

Of course, you know one of the things I was prepared to do was paint, if I had the time. I didn't have much time for it as you can probably see. But, that's okay. I did find a small book store 5 minutes from our place and my husband bought me a journal. So, each morning I wrote my reflections on the balcony while staring out at the southwest waters while the others slept in. As I started writing and the sun was coming up I kept being amazed at the clouds and the way these massive formations just hung out over the waters. So, I sketched these clouds and more each morning instead of painting. I don't just sit out and sketch with only the sketch in mind. I'm always thinking about getting ahead of myself and painting. This time I did. It was a great week of study of lights and darks and compositions and ideas.

Sketch 1
Nanci Charpentier (c) 2015

Sketch 2
Nanci Charpentier (c) 2015

Sketch 3
Nanci Charpentier (c) 2015

Painting, "South of Cruz Bay"
8"x10" Oil on Canvas
Nanci Charpentier (c) 2015

Also, I learned that God has a lot larger paint palette than I do and it's got gorgeous colors on it.

And thank you, Kenny Chesney, because now I can go back to that place in my mind whenever I listen to your music. I only wish I had know of it sooner because it is a place that let me Be As I Am.
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