Wednesday, August 13, 2014

I'm Pretty Sure I Had A Good Weekend.

KatKat The Bubbles Girl
24" x 24"
Oil on Cradled Panel

Well, I managed to get back on to the radio this past Saturday. I suppose that I didn't mess up too terribly when I was on the show last time because I was invited back on Talk 107.3 this past Saturday on the show Saturday Style with Karen Profita. Okay, I must admit it. I really like talking on the radio and I really wish I could hear myself talk on the radio. And did you know there is this thing called iHeart Radio which has a link to their show? It has links to alot of other radio stations, too, but that's not important right now. LOL! One of my brothers that lives in Houston was able to listen to me on the radio! So 21st century and all that. (I'll try to forgive the other siblings that didn't listen to my show). 

Anyway, I basically took Karen and the listeners through the Artists as Entrepreneur course I took this past spring and talked about our finale to the course, the exhibit #ARTrepreneur 2014. We talked about the local art community and galleries and artists' online presence. Karen Profita is so gracious and kind and does well to keep me centered and not fumble too much when I go on and on about art. Some times I find it's hard to not talk continuously about art! Thank you, Karen, for letting me be a part of your show. (If you want you can follow Karen on Twitter.)

Karen Profita (left)  and Me
Talk 107.3
Saturday Style with Karen Profita

Our ARTrepreneur Show opening and reception was held on Friday, August 8th. I had a blast with KatKat (see the first photo above). Oh yeah, the rest of her family came, too. I did manage to get a photo of her with her mom but not the rest of the family (so sad). KatKat's little sister is an aspiring artist herself and I can not wait to paint her cute, funny face one day.

When I got to the reception I basically ran around the room taking pictures of most of the works on the walls. It wasn't until the end of the reception when people were thinning out that I really was able to take a good look at the pieces of art. What a wide range of art this group from Artists as Entrepreneurs put together. We had digital art both on prints and aluminum; altar pieces of wood, copper, beading and more; an introspective bear - a pink bear, I mean, why not; wood cut print pieces with a Louisiana cultural theme to them; abstractions inspired by nature's clouds and, oh yeah, my oil paintings. It was such a unique collection.

The show will hang at the Firehouse Gallery at the Arts Council located on Laurel Street in downtown Baton Rouge until the first part of September. Take time during your lunch hour or any other time during the day to check out our show. You may decide to bring home one piece for your own home. "KatKat The Bubbles Girl" actually sold right before the show and I know another Erin Stephens of KB Photography sold one of her photos as well.

When Sunday finally rolled around, I had to stepped back in to momma mode and step away from artist mode. But such is the balance of my life. I am forever grateful for both parts, the family and the art work. I am also grateful to those of you, friends and family, that helped me have a pretty good weekend.

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