Sunday, May 11, 2014

Is is true, Charlie Brown? Does it always rain on the unloved?

Sunny Day at Rural Life
12" x 12"
Oil on Linen Panel
Nanci Charpentier © 2014

The last sunny day I've had was on Thursday which I spent out at Rural Life with Marylyn and Jodi. It's been raining ever since last Thursday. Ugh! I know my garden needs the rain but enough is enough right now. I already miss the sun.

My goal for this day was to take a very "green" vista and make it more colorful. I decided that I didn't want to confine myself on the color scheme so I started out with a very bright pink underdrawing. (I like bright pink!) ( Hey - maybe I should start writing in pink!) You can still see it peeking around the tree on the left and in other spots throughout. Then, I came back over trying to find all the various mixes of greens, reds, purples, blues, and yellows that are really in nature in all those "greens" we see.

Not every plein air outing is uneventful for us. And on this day, lucky for me, a tractor and trailer pulled up right in front of me for an informational "hayride" of sorts. So, there we were, trying to ignore the people staring at us while the tour guide was giving them an informational talk. After a while they finally moved on and we were like "whew" they're gone. We don't have to think about them staring at us and we can get on with our painting.

But, nope, that's not how this works for us. As soon as they were gone we were greeted by the lawnmowing guy and his mowing tractor. He showed up to cut the entire area where we were working. Lucky for him he was wearing a face mask because of all the dust. I wish I'd had one. Well, I wish I'd had two. One for me and one for my painting. We kept asking each other if he wanted us to move so he could mow where we were standing. We didn't move. He didn't ask. I'm grateful he didn't because I still had a couple of more hours to spend painting.

And so as sunny as this day was, Friday night brought on a tumultuous downpour of rain. The Hot Art, Cool Nights event I was a part of took place Friday night in Mid-City Baton Rouge. The day itself had been overcast, and we thought for sure that it would not rain on us. Uh, we were wrong. We were very wrong. The deluge of rain began just as we were leaving the house. We braved the pouring rain and flooded streets to get there to meet and greet the throngs of people crazy enough to get out in this weather. Yes, well, that did not happen. What did happen was that a few die hards came into the gallery in between the downpours. The good thing about that was that we got to visit with all of them.

Laurel, PZA, Me, DGQ
My paintings are hanging in the center behind us.
Rue Cou Cou Gallery

Keith Morris (Artist), Greg and Laurel Doucet (Gallery Owners),
and Jovann (Jodi) Armstrong (Artist)
Rue Cou Cou Gallery

My surprise of the night came in the form of friends. I really didn't expect any of them to show up because of the weather. So, when they walked through the door I was so excited! Thanks to Jennifer, Taryn, Taylor, Paula, Donna, Tina, and others that came out to see me. You made my night! They showed me that sometimes Charlie Brown isn't right. And the rest of you, well, I'm not mad that you didn't show. I understand. But, for my next event, you will come see me. Yes. Yes, you will.

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