Wednesday, December 18, 2013

'Twas the Week Before Christmas...

7" x 7", Oil on Panel
Yes, it is the week before Christmas already. I have managed in the past week to accomplish ALL of my Christmas shopping. I even managed to get several presents wrapped. In the midst of this, I am dealing with children's mid-term exams, lots of cleaning and prepping, a strange sounding washing machine, and a stinky dog (haven't figured out what he got into - ugh). Also, because of the stress my husband has been dealing with for his job and the stress of the kids getting prepped for exams, I decided to go and pick out our Christmas tree all on my own - a first. I brought it home, took it off the top of the SUV, dragged it into the house, set it up, and decorated it all on my own. And it's a big, fat tree, too. I LOVE IT! They were grateful for this, I know. I can't wait until they tell me that, too. Riiight.

I also managed to sell three more paintings this week through my show at Beauregard Gallery. My friend and I were able to go and have lunch together at the gallery last week where she had a chance to see the paintings up close and personal. We talked earlier this week and she loves them. So, these three paintings here, "Plume", "Far Shore", and "Tree By The Levee" will go to a new home at the end of December. So grateful. (Heart swell).

"Far Shore"
7" x 7", Oil on Panel
I have also managed to get in a little bit of painting time this week. I am working on a painting for my sister and I do not spend enough time on it. This painting has moved up to the top of my painting "to do" list. My apologies to my sister and her husband for making them wait so long. They are understanding - at least that's what they tell me - and patient. I'm hoping they don't ask for a discount on the price because of this. 

So, with the season of Advent (I am a good Catholic girl) and in the spirit of the waiting and anticipation for what is to come for us on Christmas, I also look to the new year in anticipation for things to come for me and for my art. I know that I am grateful for the support of those that have bought my art for their homes and offices; those that now follow and have taken an interest in what I do for the love of it; for the friends that I paint with on a regular basis - they have indeed provided much laughter, advice (whether solicited or not), encouragement; and especially my family which includes my parents, brothers and sisters plus all of the rest of the family clan, my kids, and most definitely my husband.  My husband now more than ever because I just found out what he got me for Christmas and it's gonna be good!

Merry Christmas and Happy Hanukkah and to you all the Merriest of Holidays!

"Tree By The Levee"
8" x 8", Oil on Cradled Panel

Sunday, December 1, 2013

Can't I just get some painting accomplished?

Art Exhibit and Sale for the Month of December
Beauregard Gallery and Bistro

Well, I finally made it to the month of December. I had a busy November 2013. After the Associated Women in the Arts Archives Gallery Show in October I was ready to have a short break just for painting. However, my friend and trainer, Tonya, offered her house for an open house in the middle of November. I told her I wasn't ready for that but she convinced me - and she was right - that the middle of November was best, especially before Christmas.

So, November 15th found me and four other artists having an Open House. It was my first open house in someone's home. I was a little nervous but thankfully I had my Wednesday Painters there with me showing their work.  I sold two paintings that night. Yipee!!! Debbie sold a couple of paintings and Dana sold a painting and a print and Marylyn sold a painting. What a great and successful night.  The other great thing about this open house was the people that came. There was an overlapping circle of friends among us so it was even more special than I had hoped it would be.  Thank you, Tonya, for convincing me and hosting this for all of us.

Purple Iris
14" x 14"
Oil on Panel, Framed

Red Flowers
8" x 8"
Oil on Cradled Panel

The lady that purchased the Purple Iris was so excited about the painting.  She told me that she was putting it in her home office so she could look at it every day. How cool is that?

The Red Flowers painting was purchased by a friend of mine that I typically show all my paintings to as soon as I've finished them. I hadn't shown her this one before the open house. She told me before the show that she wanted this one but waited until the end to purchase the painting. So glad she did. I know I can go visit it anytime I want.

I do believe my heart inflates each time someone buys one of my paintings. Does this happen to other artists?  I have no idea but it is an awesome feeling.  

On Friday I hung my art for the two-person show I have in the month of December at Beauregard Gallery and Bistro.  I really like the owners. I met them through my brother, David, over a year ago. Later, I realized that their daughter was one of my high school classmates.  Small world.  Also, AWA had a group show there in February that I participated in and it was a beautiful show.  Each time I go over there and visit, it's like spending time with my extended family. Friday was no different. I brought my Dad and my husband along with me to help with the work. I think more time was spent chatting and sharing stories with Mrs. Terrell than hanging the paintings. It just figures that's how it would be - we are southerners after all and everyone loves a good story.

Story Time
Hubby and Daddy listening intently to a great story.

I went ahead and framed this 7" x 7" painting of one of my peach day lilies right before hanging this show. It came out gorgeous. This photo doesn't do it justice. This is just one of the paintings hanging in the show.

At Beauregard, there are already screws in the walls that stay in place from month to month so I was challenged, in a way, to find the right array of paintings for the wall.  Also, I needed to keep in mind the other artist, Diana, and how her paintings would fit together with mine.  

So, now that I'm finished with the Archives Show in October, the Open House in November, the hanging of my December show, I look forward to the reception at the Louisiana Art and Artists' Guild Annual River Road Show reception which takes place on December 13th at the Louisiana Secretary of State Archives Gallery (yes, the same one as October). This show, which is hanging right now, has 75 artists and 75 pieces of artwork. Can't wait.

Maybe, just maybe I'll get some Christmas shopping done this month. Maybe not.

Oh yeah. I'd really like to get some painting accomplished, too. Seriously.

Now, where is that cold beer?

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