Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Painting the Figure - A Whole New Adventure for Me

"Warren" Study
Nanci Charpentier (c) 2013
Acrylic on Watercolor Paper

"Warren" Study
Tom Quaid (c) 2013
Graphite on Paper

This was the first week's work of our new Figure Drawing/Painting Group.  We met for the first time three weeks ago today.

This group was started from an idea that's been brewing around in my head for awhile now.  I have been wanting to paint more figurative pieces but wasn't sure how to go about doing it.  Finding someone to model for you for free isn't easy to do.  I have wanted to experiment painting people in different places but with a small group of like minded painters. Finally, about a month ago, I sat down with my friend, Debbie, and she loved the idea. We talked through what it would take to do this and just went ahead and got started right away.  We came up with a short list of names of people who might be interested but I wasn't sure if any of them would jump on board.  Well, all of them did.  Most of them I had only met once or twice.  Even so, I had a really good feeling about this and these people.  I suppose I trusted Debbie's judgement and went on faith.

For the first week, I decided to host the group at my house.  My Dad graciously acted as our model.  I was so glad he brought his hat from Ireland.  I believe my cajun father has adopted Ireland as his "motherland" even though Nova Scotia is where his acadian family originally came from years and years and years ago.  If Nova Scotia is his mother-land, then Ireland is his step-mother-land.

The first image above is mine, and the second image is Tom's.  I have since framed Tom's drawing for my father for his father's day gift.  Thank you, Tom, for being so generous with your work.

Marylyn, Model

"Marylyn" Study
Nanci Charpentier (c) 2014
Oil on Panel

Last week we went to Maryland's house and worked underneath her garage because it started raining right after we arrived.  I did some initial pencil sketches and then I decided to try my hand at oil paints for the last two hours.  I wish I had gotten further but I was pleased with the progress I made.  The progress was mostly in my head.

"Heather" Study
Jovann Armstrong (c) 2013
Oil on Canvas

"Heather" Study
Nanci Charpentier (c) 2013
Oil on Panel
This was today's work.  Pat was also there but left before I had the opportunity to get an image of her work.  Today we worked outside and painted our model as she sat under the pergola.  I thought we wouldn't have such a problem with the moving sun with her in this spot and, of course, I was wrong.  I was "chasing" the sun and shadows all morning.  I need to learn how to work with that.  All in all, I am very pleased with just getting the figure down and getting the proportions as they are.  

The first image is Jodi's and, today, she gave out some good advice, too.  Thanks, Jodi.

I think I am really liking this painting outdoors thing and the obligation of sorts and opportunity that I have created for myself.  I like knowing that each week I have something to look forward to and that, I hope, I will continue to improve.

Sunday, June 23, 2013

The Finished Product

Four Irises Framed (14" x 14" each)
Sold and Hanging in Their New Home
I did something yesterday that I haven't done before.  I went a buyer's house and, with the help of my husband, hung these paintings for her.  She is also a friend of mine so saying yes to her was an easy thing to do when she asked for our help.  She allowed me to take these photos and I wanted to share them with you.  I can paint all day everyday if I like and that brings me great joy.  Another aspect of the painting process and being a painter is this part, seeing the painting framed and hanging in someone's home.

These are four of my paintings from my daily painting series.  The paintings themselves are 7" x 7" and with the frames and matting are now 14" x 14".  They are gorgeous on her wall.

Here is another view of them on the wall.  Love them here.

Japanese Magnolia (#3 in the series), Framed
(14" x 14")
Here is the other painting she purchased and had framed.  Similar framing style but different color finish and color matting.  She described them as "lovely" and I couldn't agree more.  

I was also able to go with her to the framing gallery and assisted in picking the framing and matting for these paintings.  It was special to be a part of this process.  I did tell her that I may, from time to time, go into her house, and stare at them.

Sunday, June 2, 2013

Keep Your Eyes Open As You Squint.

Peach Daylily 3, 10" x 10", Oil on Panel, Unframed
Nanci Charpentier (c) 2013
I must be honest.  This is the first image I wanted to paint when these flowers started blooming about a month ago.  The only problem I thought was there is way too much going on in here.  I thought I could just blur the background and take away all of that detail.  Then I decided to try painting the other images of these flowers and work my way into this one, details and all.  I am so glad that I did.  I'm glad I kept all of the grasses going this way and that.  It makes for a much more interesting painting.  It has it's own unique abstract quality that makes each part of the painting interesting.  Do this - make a circle with your hand and hold it over a portion of the painting so you can see only a portion of the bottom lower right corner - or any other portion of the painting.  Could that section you are looking at hold it's own without the rest of the painting?  I believe it can.  I need to work on this more and more in my future paintings.  Always learning.  I suppose that's part of what I love about the painting process.  My own eyes keep opening wider and wider as I squint at my images to see what I need to paint.
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